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definition: 1. evoked by excessive summer heat, this condish resorts in poor concentration, bad assessments, and over analysis (fielding) of personal situations

2. this entire exchange, resorting from intense cabin fever

example: delirium-calling female interests from the waterfront on cell phones



definition: the original source initiative of something (derivation)

example: “Alot of companies make spooks these days, but Heddon is the original derividactory.”


definition: 1. statement made when one hangs up phone

2. jazz lingo for something out of the ordinary and weird

example: Icanelli “taking it out” in the boat


Piss on this spot

definition: urinating on a hot spot that is not producing

What is he

Lee Konitz (leak-on-its)

definition: same as ‘piss on this spot’

Brokeback Style

definition: Delirious streaking in underwear

Bass brokeback style after diving into the drink to save a Large

Brokeback Stylings

definition: The condish of Bass Evans, 07’ when he pulled back muscles while lifting weights

What Did I

definition: I did

What Would’ve

definition: I would’ve

What are ya out of it?

Baker out of it, winter 2009

definition: Question based on an absurd action

What am I

definition: typical response

What am I not

definition: another typical response.

example 1: What am I? I’m a human being.

example 2: What is it? It’s an object.

What would I

definition: what would I

Would ja?

definition: would you?

What would I not

definition: answer

What, Would Idja

definition: what would ja


definition: what are you out of it?

7 lb 5 ounce largemouth bass

caught on July 14th, 2007 by Bass Evans


7 lbs 5 ounces

1st cast, 6 am.

Yo, did you ever hear of the Yit Theorum?

definition: statement made after yit another absurd action



definition: You, what are you out of it?