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definition: Yo you, what are you out of it?



definition: Are you Lee Konitz?


definition: yes, I am Lee Konitz


definition: a saying addressed to someone who has wronged or insulted you

example: “Youewwww.”


definition: an exclamatory remark made when something bad happens to someone else

example: Baker: “Sorry you missed that heap…. Yar.”

The Idiocy Theorum

definition: results from an angler being overly psyched out of his mind

example: Bass renting a pricey Enterprise van for only one day pre-truck, impatient to launch the Poopsie Also

The Idiocy Theorum

Bebop Skipper

definition: angler who belts into out-of-tune renditions of 80’s hits, and/or scat solos bebop vocabulary far too loudly on the waterfront for all to hear

example: Bass: “Hey folks it’s intros Tuesday! I will sing the intro to your favorite jazz standard, and you tell me which classic hit it is!”

Bass Smile

definition: gratuitous lower jaw extension following the statement “Hah Daddy!”

Moppa’s classic bass smile

Basking in the Glory

definition: the euphoria one feels after slaying heaps (basking)

Baker Basking in the Glory of God!

Baker basking in the glory after the April 2007 VA heap slay

Derek Zoolander

definition: 1. angler who recently slayed a giant bass

2. same as basking in the glory

Photo OP

definition: the pleasure a Heap Hunter basks in while his partner voyeuristically snaps a plethora of photos

Photo OP, May 2009