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“Hah Daddy!”

definition: jubilant saying by bass fishermen


definition: an exclamatory remark showing enthusiasm about anything

“Get It Out!”

definition: command for pulsation to hurry up


definition: weak


definition: criweak

“(The) Bass Evans”

definition: the best ever

“(The) Trout Evens”

definition: the worst ever


definition: ’06


definition: ’07


definition: ’08


definition: ’09


definition: overused word describing something great, derived from jazz slang

example 1: Evans: “Did you see me run that blade gauntlet to gauntlet down that laydown, clicking the wood as it approached the deeper water, where I helicoptered and slowed the retrieve down, enabling this heap to catch up and engulf my presentation?”
Baker: “You’re killin’.”
example 2: Evans: “My boss just gave me a killin’ letter about what a good job I am doing! I’m killin’!”
Baker: “You’re killin'”
example 3: :”Word my son was burnin’ had those cats on the table last night, ya dig?”
example 4: Evans: “This Axe looks great in my hair, I’m killin.'”
Mop: “Gay.”

Baker being killin'

“Bassmasters Rise!”

definition: the human alarm clock that is Daddy Baker, dumb early rising before a mission

“Like Butter”

definition: the smoothness of a bassmaster

“I’ve Cut That”

definition: 1. the confidence that one expresses when a tough cast between branches of heavy cover or a very tight angle is required (derived from shooting pool)
2. sticking it out through tough weather conditions

example 1: Baker: “Do you think you can put the 8 ball away from that angle?”
Bass: “I’ve cut that.”

example 2: Bass: “Put one down the gauntlet of that dock.”
Baker: “I’ve cut that.”

example 3: Mop: “Dude, it’s sick winds and 40 degrees outside!”
Baker and Evans: “We’ve cut this.”

“Like Butterwater”

definition: pertains to anything

example: “Man, what a nice day, its like butterwater out here.”
typical response: “What the ?&%$# are you talking about?”

“and…(wait for it)…and Release!”

definition: the resolve of a tense situashe on the waterfront, usually when angler is navigating a brush pile after casting over it

“I’d Like to Make a Comment”

definition: statement made, followed by a critique of a fellow angler’s hook set and/or fighting Large prowess, by a jealous angler not getting hits

“That Was a Great Hook Set!”

definition: statement made after EVERY hook set by the Factoryville Chapter

“Something House Somethin'”

definition: statement made by an angler psyched out of his mind, requesting a skull reaction from some sort of wildlife at any given time (bird, large, deer, etc.)