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Chord Wood

definition: stacked largemouth


definition: to rot


definition: the pathetic hit of a gillick on a soft plastic concoction

Fran Tarkenton

definition: same as dig-a-dig-a (frantic)

Andre Rising

definition: a fish breaking the surface in the distance


definition: a vicious strike

Wicked Smash

definition: annihilation of a top water bait

example: “I just got a wicked smash on the buzz bait.”


definition: suspended large

past tense: “souse”pended, or soused

example: “I think the large are souse now since most are post-spawn.”


definition: a suspended heap


definition: anything occurring in high-density

example: “Those Large are stacked like chord wood.”

Billy Boil

definition: a fish rising to the surface, ideally in response to a topwater bait

Eliot Spitzer

definition: when a Large spits the bait in your mug

In Your Eye

definition: 1. in your mug (see Eliot Spitzer)

2. housing large in front of spectators, such as the trash commission

Joseph Hadyn

definition: a bass completely submerged in cover

Tom Cruise

definition: a visible bass roaming down the bank and won’t bite

Cruising and Perusing (and Abusing)

definition: similar to Tom Cruise, only referring to larger Large and/or the grumpus maximus of a select body of water; these Large annihilate anything in their path

One Lunged

definition: having a bait with 2 equally sized tails come back with one because a beast zooed it off

one lunged trailer


definition: receiving a strike before beginning the retrieve

example: “That fish hit on the $%@!#?+ downer.”

On the Chew

definition: heavy feeding activity

John Kerry

definition: when she takes the bait and runs