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Concept Unit

definition: a lawnmower


definition: To lip a Large
example: “Watch those trebles…do you need the net, or are you gonna lipitor?”


definition: cropping a pic of an angler with Large

Mariano Duncan

definition: wetting your hands before touching Large or dunking your pork back in the jar

Pulse One Out

definition: taking a break on the bank after a large coffee

In House Pulse

definition: pulsation involving Don Baylor and the local female collegiate rowing team (Lackawanna Lake)

One Less Pair of Underware Theorum

definition: what happens when you have no TP, yet the shoreline pulsation process must take place


definition: when a fart that is trapped in your raingear seaps
out when you sit down an hour later


definition: Necessary tactic, post pulsation, following the hemorrhoidal Ric Flair due to stress, dehydration, and too much dieting/bodybuilding, usually occurring in Wal-Mart bathrooms in Farmville, VA following a tackle run
example: Evans/Baker, Aug ’06 mission

Working the Cosmos

definition: 1. the religious drive of all Heap Hunters

2. the force behind it all

3. the belief that if one ‘works the cosmos,’ he will be rewarded on the waterfront when the moment is right


definition: when you have to do a seminar on fishing… you do a “skit.”

Power-Point Presentation

definition: Arrogance an angler showcases after catching a slob, threatening a PPP on the bank for all less fortunate anglers

Hands on Hips

definition: when someone says “what did you catch them
on”….you put your hands on your hips (what a brushhog looks like)

Ress Guide Service

definition: the pinpoint boat control displayed by ResSUV at thunder


definition: having a plastic lure slide down the hook after a strike thus requiring repositioning on the hook for proper lure position and action

Soused Zoo Housa

definition: combination of soused, zoo, and housa; a freshly slayed gargantuan largemouth bass housed in the pre-spawn on a jerk bait

Daddy Baker's Soused Zoo Housa, on a jerk bait in the pre-spawn


definition: 1. (n.) a tiny piece of visible cover above water

2. (v.) to take part in some sort of remedial lame bullshit


definition: to fire up a school of fish, usually resulting in piles of gillick

Gillick Piles

Gillick Control (and patrol)

definition: the unfortunate angler at the Primary Pond forced to slay gillick and not fish for Large, due to defeat in Run the Pond

Barry Ponds

definition: the angler who smacks more gillick out of the water than the rest, while under the influence of performance enhancing chemicals (Dunkin’ Cup)