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Covering the Waterfront

definition: self explanatory (“I cover the waterfront” was exclaimed at Ford’s Pond by Bass Evans as he slayed a 2 lber during Primary Pond Renovation, fall ’05)

At Large

definition: angler missing for a lengthy period of time, undoubtedly due to an epic fishing mission

example:  Mop: “How’s Baker?”  Bass: “What do I! I haven’t seen him in many a warren moon…Baker’s still at Large.”

Doin’ the Work

definition: Fishing hard and strong through the no-bite

The Work of Men

definition: Any challenging mission, where a normal angler would call it quits

example: extreme summer doldrums, idiocy/delirium; February frozen jig no bite, etc

Baker in a tornado


Evans in the sick heat of summer

Assessing the Condish

definition: Awareness of all current factors in a particular mission


definition: slay


definition: Ones ability on the waterfront of


definition: To rot


definition: In general, just a mass heap rotting


definition: position an angler festers in when beaten down by the work of men or life itself (often occurs in the bottom of boats during ailments such as mono)

Bruce Ruffin (Ruffin)

definition: to catch nothing

Roy Orbison

definition: Bruce’s good friend, or catching nothing


definition: a clinic on the waterfront by a more experienced angler
example: Roger Morgan to Bake Daddy and Bass Evans, Jan. ’06, or the jig clinic Bass Evans received from Hawg Rees, Thunderwood, ’06


definition: the over-analysis of every minute detail of ones’ life with bass partner

Stone Cold (Steve Austin)

definition: when you’re rotting the house


definition: 1. To eat all the food in sight 2. To slay copious largemouth 3. To belittle someone
example: That Large housed my jersey rig, and I in turn housed her into the boat.”


definition: 1. The act of housing copious largemouth. 2. belittle in a humorous fashion

Housing Authority

definition: an outing when copious amounts of Large are caught
example: Hawg’s 25 out of 26 casts near the Dam at Thunder, so the legend says….

Oscar de la Hoista

definition: hoisting a large over the side of the boat, without the use of a net

Hot Crush

definition: an unfortunate event for a peek

$%!# you, BUDDY.