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Granny Bags

definition: Evans’ refusal to buy a suitcase, and instead using little supermarket plastic bags

example: Baker: “Is that everything?”
Mop: “Nope, Evans has granny-bags.”

Isolated Boulding Units

definition: a large expansive flat with isolated boulders

Isolated Boulding Unit


definition: rip-rap rock


definition: when your jig is hung like a tit mouse

Lazy Man’s Carolina Rig

definition: worm rig with pinch weight up the line, used by one too lazy to do the work

Lorena Bobber

definition: the cheaply produced floating receptacle which cuts your line in half and looses your tackle

Fritz Blitz

definition: bass pro David Fritz’s prowess with a crank bait

Super Cedar (pronounced chay-dar)

definition: a Poe’s crank bait (once a proud sponsor of the Fritz blitz)

Disco (Inferno)

definition: flashy lure color choices and/or tail action (think tomato culprit), more apt to catch peek than large

The Cure for Cabin Fever

definition: 1. the Chris Ress fly-tying apparati 2. the delirium required to complete the epic dictionary you are reading

The Cure for Cabin Fever

Habitat for Humanity

definition: the creation of a secret hotspot by submerging brush in the dead of winter

Habitat for Sean Hannity

definition: same as for humanity, for no reason

preparing to drop a habitat for Sean Hannity

Project PVC Plantation

definition: The Baker father/son mission to construct a sick habitat in Pocahontas State Park

Project Peek Proliferation

definition: the fall pond renovation mission by Evans/Baker

The Boxer Rebellion

definition: tactic utilized by Baker in the stupid Virginia Heat by stripping down to boxers