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The Dumb One

definition: the Jersey rig or wacky rig

the dumb one

John Riggins

definition: 1) to rig a lure or re-line reels 2) a Heap Hunter’s rig (boat)

what does he

Flick Blades

definition: throw spinner baits (ring the doorbell)

Throw a Big Piece of Meat

definition: upsizing the presentashe for the heap

Dead Stickin’

definition: letting a rubber worm rot the authority

The Dying Work

definition: tactic utilized on Lee Lake, ’06, where Bass Evans resorted to a life-like ‘Dying Shad’ presentashe, catching Fawcett, but inspiring Moppa and Bake Daddy to go top water and slay in the summer doldrums/delirium


definition: 1. a hatchery in New Jersey 2. a furry rodent


definition: Baker’s tiny torpedo

P- Bone Burnett (Bernie)

definition: bone pop-r used for nocturnal smallies on the Milwaukee River

Bernie w/Biggie Smalls


definition: Bass Evans’s chartreuse worm, which looks like ‘Bert’ when used with a weight and a red bead

Bass with Bert


definition: Yamamoto worm (derived from Tommy Morimoto)

Electronica Lewinsky

definition: portable sonar to detect underwater festering fences near the pool at Lackawanna

Alex Rodriguez

definition: A-Rod, an angler’s primary rod

Ted Danson

definition: twitching a concoction on the bottom

example: “Come on! I’m twitchin’ like Ted here!”

Conda’s Friend

definition: the red and white Zara Spook


definition: Fishin’ deep with the beetle spin


definition: Flip or cast, and then immediate stellar hook set, usually resulting from some sort of cosmic vocal prediction of slay by the angler

Chartreuse Master Baits

definition: what does she

Finessa Williams

definition: finesse tactics

Roadside Bombing

definition: Tactic used for Bruce pre-boat by Evans from shore at Lakeside, involving rat-l-traps