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G.I. Bill

definition: the passing or lack thereof of the gastro-intestinal upset of

Pulse Mountain

definition: Carl Banks near the salad of Lakeside that receives a plethora of pulsational action

Tim Wakefield

definition: a Large waking after a lure or a blade burned likegeeza

Donald Shade

definition: shade

derivation: Donald Shade is the largemouth bass record holder in the state of Pennsylvania at 11 lbs, 3 ounces. This will be broken by the Heap Hunters. Out.

Chasin’ Baitman

definition: 1. a Large chasing baitfish 2. Chase Utley

Advanced Siemen

definition: lobbing, slinging, skipping, flipping, or pitching giant swimbaits at shoreline cover

example: “Now for Advanced Siemen – Watch me Barack Obomb this huddy and crash it into that pigs home!”

derivation: Bill Siemental

Double-Advanced Siemen

definition: trolling two swimbaits that swim at different depths simultaneously, thus covering 2 areas of the water column

4 pound 0 ounce largemouth bass

caught on May 21st, 2010 by Daddy Baker

4 pounder. dead. out.

4 pound 0 ounce largemouth bass

“White Guys”

definition: crackers

example: “Dude I’m starved! Pass me some white guys.”

Okumalate (Okumalation)

definition: 1. utilization of the Heap Hunter’s choice swimbait rod 2. the accumulation of a portfolio of heaps utilizing an Okuma rod