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definition: hideous garb worn by professional bass fisherman


definition: 6-8 inch schooled largemouth bass


definition: dead, black, and rancid unhealthy vegetashe

“For total”

definition: for Bruce

“What are ya wreckin’ em?”

definition: are you catching alot of largemouth bass, sir?

wreck em’

definition: to slay

“woop’d dem heads today”

definition: angler slayed, today

“I found em’ Cletus!”

definition: angler locates stacked Large


definition: giant Large sucks your lure from its Stued state

Bake McBride

definition: festering in the doldrums

Smoky Robinson

definition: hideous fumes from the trash commission’s gas motor

Flush the toilet

definition: wicked topwater annihilation


definition: a Gillick


definition: Moppa Elliott’s junior year prom date, a giant Beaver Lake Large


definition: Moppa Elliott’s giant Beaver Lake Large

(an) immensity

definition: see Coloss


definition: refers to post-spawn bass who ‘ride the sousemobile,’ souse-spend, and don’t bite

Willy Wonka

definition: refers to the severely stained high water chocolate factor of a reservoir or river

Sock em’

definition: a rock bass

example: (after catching a rock bass) “Rock em’ Sock em.'”

Sui (pronounced Sue-ee)

definition: angler goes suicidal and launches his presentation gauntlet to gauntlet over a plethora of shoreline obstacles, oscar de la hoisting heaps over the cover