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definition: tonight (tuh)

example: Daddy “…and I will be getting free pokies online to work on the video for the year in review….TUHHHHHHNITUS!”


definition: see emmensity


definition: a state of total festeration

example: Bass: “Dude, Baker went out yesterday to 36-38 degree water temps and nothing charted on electronica lewinsky – they must have been totally heaping in the mud!” Ress-UL: “heaptification.”

Heap Hunter Pledge

posted on January 1st, 2011 by Bass Evans

I vow,
to pursue,
giant micropterus only.

To make decisions,
to attract the largest of the Large.

To continue,
and to consistently,
apprehend the maximum number of heaps,
and to periodically, (and more importantly)
up thy personal besten.

Above all,
I will work the cosmos,
and continue to do the work,
that the Lord requires….

….that no one does.


In Donald Shades memory,