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Heap Hunters Challenge Video for Going Ike with Mike Iaconelli!

posted on April 23rd, 2012 by Bass Evans


definition: 1) “Liking” a Facebook fishing page 2) Gratuitous, unadulterated self-promotional “Like” requests by The Heap Hunters on Facebook, for Bruce

Henry David Thoreau (it)

definition: when an angler throws a cast across the gauntlet

“The cosmos is on fire!”

definition: The recognition of positive and/or negative minute nuances of human life, and their affects on Heap activity

example: Evans: “Dude, the cosmos is on fire! 3 girls totally just checked me out in a row…unprecedented! And a full moon! We gotta get out on the water!”

Cheski Rapps

definition: anything wrapped

example: Baker: “Heeessski Rapps.” Evans: “What does he.”

derivation: one of Baker and Evans’s students at Yeshiva

Milt Thompson

definition: male micropterus reproductive discharge

Milt Thompson


definition: to request

example: Baker “I’d like to requesterant giant topwater across the gauntlet of the island on your next mission.”

5 lb, 11 ounce largemouth bass

caught on April 13th, 2012 by Bass Evans

5 lb, 11 ounce largemouth bass

caught on April 11th, 2012 by Bass Evans

4 lb, 6 ounce largemouth bass

caught on April 9th, 2012 by Bass Evans

Mike Flairitin

definition: the spawn of Mike Clary (Claritin) and Ric Flair

derivation: anchored while slaying Ric Flair (perch) in severe gustafson in a poopsie unit for no reason!

Ric Flairitin:

“Key on Boat Noise”

definition: angler is oblivious to how much noise he and/or his poopsie unit is actually making inamungst the work


definition: 1) severe inheaption 2) ongoing and prolonged Sevenizm