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definition: In search of Pelagia, (pelagic Heaps) angler O’bombs or trolls giant swimbaits for utter Bruce

example: Bass: “…and now it’s time for the night train for pelagia.”

“Nice Idiocy”

“Stuck in the milfoil… with you”

definition: 1. song parody sung while fishing milfoil 2. actually having a Heap “stu” in the milfoil, with you

“…a vote of no confidence”

definition: angler finally changes the menu after fishing ineffectively with a questionable presentation

example: Moppa: “Nothing says Viagra summertime – like red shad. Unfortunately it’s a rancid wooly bug…it gets a vote of no confidence.”

framework (the)

definition: refers to the typical length (20-24 inches) and overall features of older largemouth

example 1: “I can’t believe this one’s only 3 and a quarter…its got aussie pokies online the framework!”

example 2: “Catch a 10 with the framework after she slurps down a coupa two tree trut…and you have a state record! Hanna or no?”