Bass Evans

“Today I shall catch….the biggest bass in Pennsylvania history.”

Hunting Grumpus Maximus since 1993

The fateful morning of August 8th, 1993 would change Bass Evans’ life forever.  While working a small pond in Pa with friends Steve and Dave, Bass took one last cast in front of the boat while Steve rowed. As Bullhead awaited his son’s return on shore, he witnessed a life-changing catch.  The mouth that erupted in front of the boat made Steve exclaim “Holy Shit!” for all to hear. Bass Evans was soon holding a 23 ½ inch giant bass, but more importantly, his life’s work was scheduled.

Bass Evans’ first Heap, 23 ½ inches August 8, 1993

Bass is indebted to the Ress family for his early formative schooling of largemouth tactics. While slaying 2-3 lbers can and is ‘fun,’ he always felt that the most memorable moments were bass above 5 lbs. He caught two other giant trophies (6-7 lbers) in his teens, (see 6 lb club) but then took a hiatus to study music. In his late twenties, he decided to return to big bass fishing, but this time, really study the ‘enigma’ of the giant largemouth specifically.

To this day the Ress Bassin' Brothers are a consistent. never-ending source of information for Bass. He is forever grateful to have them as friends in Large.

Bass explored preliminary tactics in his teens with life-long friend Moppa Elliott (and Eli Hludzik, likegeeza) in such haunts such as Beaver Lake and the stacked Mallard Pond.  The duo would wake up dumb early every morning to work their local Factoryville farm ponds and hone their tactics and hook-sets.  The delirium was strong, even back then.

Evans and Mop

Halloween mid-90’

Instead of taking notes in class, Steve, Mop, and Evans would look through Bass Pro Shops catalogs, noodle pics of Large on their notebooks, and write parodies to popular songs such as “Baby Got Bass.” (“Baby got Back.”)

Mop, Lipitor.

Together with his heap-hunting partner, Chris “Daddy” Baker, he began experimenting with larger lures, ‘salt-water’ like tactics, and more importantly, areas where the larger fish live.  The duo have also read and re-read very informative books by big-bass gurus Bill Siemental and the late Bill Murphy (“Father Murphy”.) The results have so far been successful, but more importantly, very promising.

Baker, “the most likely to produce,” always seems to locate largemouth on every mission and show Bass a pattern that he invariably overlooks when working solo.  Bass, more stubborn and less versatile, prides himself on his reputation as “the most likely to produce the Heap,” but knows his faults and goes to Baker when his lunker-patterns just aren’t producing.  Freed from the constraints of a need of a limit of quality fish, Bass has accepted the fact that any given day could result in bite-less fishing action.  However, doing this type of persistent work is always worth it when a HEAP makes an appearance at the end of the line in all its glory!

Bass would not have this level of insane dedication without the partnership of Chris “Daddy” Baker. (No Homo)

2009 was a landmark year for Bass.  He purchased a truck and a small rowboat, and for the first time was able to fish in a boat whenever he wanted.  This enabled him to rack up more heaps then ever, educating him with each landing the habits of these incredible fish.  Even the heartbreaking losses at the boat were an important part of his professional development.  His backlog continues to grow, as does his portfolio of Heaps.

Bass Evans, releasing a Heap outside his office on his home lake of Lackawanna.

He has much work to do! His lifetime goals include one-hundred 5 lbers, twenty-five 6 lbers, ten 7 lbers, five 8 lbers, three 9 lbers, and one 10 lber. During a big bass bonanza early in the spring of 2010 when Baker was absolutely destroying huge fish between 6-8 lbs, Bass’s life was changed forever when he was blessed with his first Large over 8 lbs, a landmark achievement that shattered his personal best and pushed the Heap Hunters into the coveted COLOSS category for the first time.

8 pound 1 ounce largemouth bass

Above all of this, Bass’s ultimate goal is to break the Pennsylvania state record of 11 lbs, 3 ounces, which is his mantra and what he annunciates before every outing to his Father.

“Yeah Dad I’m gonna go break the state record, I’ll be back after dark.”

Bass’s Father and best friend, Clarence Junie “Bullhead” Evans (known for his uncanny ability to catch bullheads at all times, even when fishing for Large.)

Bass Evans is convinced these fish exist, so why not catch them? Only by accepting many bite-less days and committing to the biggest of the microterus salmoides family will the largest of the Large in turn make a commitment to his presentations.