Quality Review 2008


By Daddy Baker:

2008 wasn’t nearly as productive as other years for heaps or even adults, but there were a few important slays that occurred, and one slay that would change my entire outlook.

May 24, 2008:
The Heap Hunters worked hard at one of our pet PA lakes from the bank, and with decent success, until Bass Evans upsized in every way possible!

4 pounds 11 ounces

June 6, 2008:
We return to the exact same area of the 4-11, and set up shop. This day turned out to be one of the most amazing slays of my life! I started off on topwater with good action from 2 and 3 pounders. As the day progressed, I switched to worms and narrowed in on one exact cast of where almost every time I would hook a 2-3 pounder. The fun of this whole day was hooking them and then just fighting them through this thick cover (the salad).

There is a slideshow of this epic weekend on the documentary page. Enjoy!

July 2, 2008:
I had been fishing Pocahontas Park for 2 days and unable to figure out any sort of pattern. My dad offers to join me and brings new life to a mission that I’m losing faith in. We find the creek channel that we always fish, but decide to mark its outer edge with buoys. I had been experimenting with crankbaits. I tied an excessively deep runner on so that I could at least really feel the edge of the channel, and hopefully work it a little slower. After working like this for about an hour, I got the most subtle pick up. After I set I knew it was big, and I got nervous! My dad netted like an expert, and I upped my personal best. It was an amazing father and son moment.

7 pounds


5 pounds 1 ounce

July 7, 2008:
I’m not done yet! I love bass fishing! Bass Evans heard about the 7 pounder and came down to VA to work. It is dumb hot, not much action, confidence is waning, so I tie on the same crankbait and fish the same tactic (different spot), and yeeeessseyeyeaahh!!!

I’d like to make a comment: The summer of 2008aker was when I bought my boat and decided to make the commitment of becoming a dedicated Heap Hunter. I was developing confidence and I realized that I wanted to catch bass like these all the time!

Photo taken by an innocent bystander, pier fisherman. Thanks, buddy!

October 11, 2008:
Not to be totally outdone, Bass Evans kept the fire alive through the fall with our usual bank fishing missions. He set up shop in a cove with an entire audience of pier fishermen. He threw the buzzbait across the cove and near some commotion when SPLOOSH: a 4 pounder. He had the audience photograph him, and marvel at his catch. He let her go, and we left! Out.