Quality Review 2009


The Heap Hunters counter and up each other constantly; that’s what we do. Equipped with a truck and a small rowboat, Bass Evans got right to work in 2009, regaining Heap Hunter of the Year with flying colors: nine largemouth over 5 lbs, and six over 4 lbs.

March 27th, 2009

While Evans festered in the NYC public school system fielding parent/teacher conferences, Baker snuck away and drove gauntlet to gauntlet this particular weekend in pursuit of giant pre-spawn largemouth. The Baker’s had one of their most memorable days together, when Bullhead shattered his personal best with a grotesque 6 lb, 9 ounce beast, and Baker countered in typical fashion with a 4 lb, 8 ouncer!

April 8th, 2009

Full Moon Fever, springtime in Virginia. Bass, Daddy, and Mop all boated bass over 5 lbs on this day. Interestingly, Bass boated a 5 lb, 10 ouncer on the first cast with a new important lure, which will remain nameless at this time.

Mopcropteris, 5 lbs, 15 ounces!


May 16th, 2009

For the third time in his life, Bass caught back-to-back heaps. The first was a dense, stout, healthy, just flat out beautiful 5 lb, 14 ounce Largemouth!

From experience he has learned you must not bask in the glory but instead keep working, when the pickin’s are good! ON THE VERY NEXT CAST he immediately boated a 4 lb 12 ouncer!!!!

May 23rd, 2009

Just seven days later, Evans remained on fire, but once again, it was Baker to find the pattern: shallow wormin’. The Heap Hunters put on a clinic for the locals this fateful spring night, when Daddy caught a 3 lb 12 ounce, and Bass immediately boated a 5 lb 6 ouncer. After a quick photo OP, Baker exclaimed “We’re not done.” He was right. Baker then Oscar de la Hoisted another 3 lb 10 ouncer over a diving board, and Bass nailed his second 5 lber of the day!

The local press was in attendance for this clinic by the Heap Hunters!


July 28th, 2009

It was clearly Bass’s year, but we must not forget that for any duo mission, invariably it is a team effort. ONCE AGAIN Baker found the pattern, as he has so brilliantly been able to do time and time again, while Evans reaped the rewards. This time he noticed baitfish being slayed on the surface by Large off a milfoil point. The ‘simmer’ turned into ‘sizzle’ and he missed an approximate 4-5 lber at the boat completely charged up and chasing his bait all the way back. Evans then hit a 4-5 lber, who shook inches from the net. The duo backed off, and regrouped.
Evans then upsized the presentation, and consequently upsized the catch. He immediately boated a stout 5 lber. A short time later, he boated ANOTHER 5 lber, this time off of Evans Hump, while the sizzle continued to prove active heaps were in the area this pre-frontal morning. This day marked the 3rd time this year Bass had a multiple 5 lber performance, and the 5th of his life. Baker, as is typical, produced a nice 3 lb 12 ouncer before the thunderstorms blew the duo off the lake around noon.