How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: Exclamations and Expressions

“Bass Assassin….Assassinate!”

definition: Moppa Elliott’s classic command to his bass assassin concoction at Beaver Lake, invariably always producing Large

“Every Downer, on the Downer”

definition: statement made in the midst of an epic slay of stacked Large on worms

“Tank City”

definition: exclamation after angler drives into a pulsating hawg

“White Guys”

definition: crackers

example: “Dude I’m starved! Pass me some white guys.”


definition: angler is sarcastically impressed by co-angler’s arrogance about his work

example: Bass: “I’m so killin.’ I just skipped-to-my-lou this senko under this brush garbagio and caught this 3 lber again!” ResS-UV: “I’m sportin’ a serious wood.”

“You’re free to do that”

definition: jingoistic statement made after someone declares they will do something

example 1: Baker: “I need to go pulse.” Evans: “You’re free to do that.”

example 2: Baker: “I’d like to dedicate this next cast to Sonia Sotomayor.” Evans: “You’re free to do that.”

example 3: Ress-UL: “Tough bite…tough condishe. Gonna have to downsize to a little tweest.” Evans: “Not in my boat!”


definition: best

example: “My only goal was to up my personal besten!”

derivation: Bass Evans’s brother-in-law, Jim Besten


definition: 1. something broken off (Brokaw) 2. a ridge

Edgar Allan

definition: the Poe’s Super Cedar (chay-dar)

“Skin” or “What”

definition: a response when you have nothing else to say

example: (after you say “skin”) Some Guy: “what?” You: “skin.” (just repeat “skin” and walk away)

note: you may also replace “what” for “skin” at anytime (deconstructed from “What would ja” etc, over the years)

example: Some Guy: “What lure did you use?” You: “What!” (tactic can be used with the first word of any question, what, where, when etc)

“Hah Daddy!”

definition: jubilant saying by bass fishermen


definition: an exclamatory remark showing enthusiasm about anything

“Get It Out!”

definition: command for pulsation to hurry up


definition: weak


definition: criweak

“(The) Bass Evans”

definition: the best ever

“(The) Trout Evens”

definition: the worst ever


definition: ’06


definition: ’07


definition: ’08