How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: People

“Father” Murphy

definition: Bill Murphy


definition: the omni-presence of the MonkShah in his many manifestations inamungst updating sessions of this site


definition: primary care giver


definition: primary care giver-primary pond (Bass Evans)

Lee Konitz

definition: saxophonist

Joy Riding

definition: non fishermen doing God knows what on the water

yit trash commission near the dam at Lackawanna

The Ciphening Committee

definition: some guy that moves in on your spot and catches them and pilphers the area

The Trash Commission

definition: some guy that moves in on a spot and catches nothing but seems to ruin the fishing for everyone involved


definition: some guy on the shoreline seen daily on a given lake, who usually gives off a negative vibe and/or has his own unique delirium

One Hump-Chump

definition: angler who devotes an entire summer to one spot on Lackawanna, (literalkonitz) in pursuit of the state record


definition: the spawn of Joey Mican and Mike Iaconelli

Troy Addict

definition: Randy Troani


definition: Frank Scerbo

Chester Copperpot

definition: Chet Williams (derived from Goonies)

The Archer

definition: 1. Giant hookset 2. Chad Kinney 3. arch marking a fish on the graph 4. John Archer

Ducks on the Pond

definition: one or more runners on base wishing they were fishing