How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: Tactics/Equipment

Mann’s Worm

definition: A worm used by men to upsize and bring total delirium OR total heaps into the boat.

Night Train

definition: 1) black custom spinnerbait (blade)

2) Night fishing (riding the night train)

Poopsie Unit

definition: small rowboat

subliminal spot

definition: spot on spot


definition: Big Black Worm

Sexy Donald

definition: Sexy Shad, (-e)

Hanging Shad

definition: 1) a dangling shad-imitating swimbait 2) a suspending shad-imitating jerkbait 3) loogy stued on angler’s jib after hack/spat attempt


definition: a senko

Chad Ochocinco

Cheese Grater

definition: refers to a specific bottom jig feel

Barack O’Bombing

definition: launching swim baits in heavy wind for Bruce in a pathetic hope for a miracle

Quarry Feldman

definition: a plethora of rock cover


definition: 8-pronged homemade anchor inspired by Father Bill Murphy



definition: hideous garb worn by professional bass fisherman

Los Angeles

Advanced Siemen

definition: lobbing, slinging, skipping, flipping, or pitching giant swimbaits at shoreline cover

example: “Now for Advanced Siemen – Watch me Barack Obomb this huddy and crash it into that pigs home!”

derivation: Bill Siemental

Double-Advanced Siemen

definition: trolling two swimbaits that swim at different depths simultaneously, thus covering 2 areas of the water column

Okumalate (Okumalation)

definition: 1. utilization of the Heap Hunter’s choice swimbait rod 2. the accumulation of a portfolio of heaps utilizing an Okuma rod


definition: live bait


definition: the cousk swimbait monstrosity with a diving lip given to Evans by the Ress family, X-Mas 2009 (swankulate, swankulation)


definition: garbage