How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: Exclamations and Expressions

“Children’s Children’s Heaps”

definition: the reason for catch and release

“Nice Idiocy”

“Stuck in the milfoil… with you”

definition: 1. song parody sung while fishing milfoil 2. actually having a Heap “stu” in the milfoil, with you

“…a vote of no confidence”

definition: angler finally changes the menu after fishing ineffectively with a questionable presentation

example: Moppa: “Nothing says Viagra summertime – like red shad. Unfortunately it’s a rancid wooly bug…it gets a vote of no confidence.”

“The cosmos is on fire!”

definition: The recognition of positive and/or negative minute nuances of human life, and their affects on Heap activity

example: Evans: “Dude, the cosmos is on fire! 3 girls totally just checked me out in a row…unprecedented! And a full moon! We gotta get out on the water!”

“Key on Boat Noise”

definition: angler is oblivious to how much noise he and/or his poopsie unit is actually making inamungst the work

Dwight Gooden

definition: a good un’

“Over-slay my welcome”

definition: angler’s respectful fear of imposing on a family’s private lake access
(see Ress Family, Funder, 1993-Present, Ms. Sayre (RIP) Beaver Lake 1993-2006)

example: Baker: “I think I should still just do the front half of the trip…I don’t wanna over-slay my welcome.”

“Don’t forget” (…to flick blades)

definition: advice from a certain elite pro on a certain technique in a certain upper-section of a certain private lake
(somehow it got reduced to just “Don’t Forget”)

“Ketchup and Mustard”

definition: exclaimed when co-angler struggles to reel in slack after hook-set

“Thanks for Playin'”

definition: statement made to a chip or unmentionable prior to release

Dripper Gore

definition: anything dripping


definition: tonight (tuh)

example: Daddy “…and I will be getting free pokies online to work on the video for the year in review….TUHHHHHHNITUS!”

“The Hour of Power”

definition: between 4-5 am at Winola in the summer, or 4-5 pm anywhere in November

“Barry Altschul”

definition: murmured when desired soft plastic color is buried in a heaping disorganized pile in one’s tackle tote

“We Wish They All Could Be California Large”

definition: delirium-induced expression of the northern angler’s jealousy of the size of California Large (based on “California Girls”)

“For total”

definition: for Bruce

“What are ya wreckin’ em?”

definition: are you catching alot of largemouth bass, sir?

“woop’d dem heads today”

definition: angler slayed, today

“I found em’ Cletus!”

definition: angler locates stacked Large