How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: micropterus salmoides


definition: 9 lb bass

example 1: “Gotta root for the 40-NINERS”

example 2: “I don’t root for Philadelphia basketball because I lived there… it’s all due to the 70-SIXERS.”

framework (the)

definition: refers to the typical length (20-24 inches) and overall features of older largemouth

example 1: “I can’t believe this one’s only 3 and a quarter…its got aussie pokies online the framework!”

example 2: “Catch a 10 with the framework after she slurps down a coupa two tree trut…and you have a state record! Hanna or no?”


definition: large


definition: just an poky little puppy online utter heap


definition: see emmensity

The Hunchback

definition: infamous inhabitant of Lakeside, caught twice by Bass Evans (8-21-10, 10-24-10)

The Notre Dame Stylings


definition: largemouth under 4 lbs

example: Angler: “Boy what a great day! I caught 5 two lbers!” Heap Hunter: “What are you out of it? You didn’t catch anything today!”


definition: sick heap

Belly Up Bob

definition: a floating fish carcass

Guttalidge of Sputtalidge

play pokies online free


definition: 6-8 inch schooled largemouth bass


definition: Moppa Elliott’s junior year prom date, a giant Beaver Lake Large


definition: Moppa Elliott’s giant Beaver Lake Large

(an) immensity

definition: see Coloss


definition: see Coloss

Count Bassie

definition: goliath 6-7 lb Large caught by Ress-UL on a countdown, and then by Bass Evans on a culprit weeks later at Thunder

John Philip Sousa

definition: a summertime sous-pended Large


definition: a largemouth bass


definition:  1. a gigantic largemouth bass over 5 lbs 2. a lazy, rotting, tired human being (heaptification)


definition: a Large over 6 pounds