How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: Places


definition: specific area where Baker and Evans upped thine Personal Bestens, among other consistent heaps by Baker

Shores of Montezuma

definition: the shoreline


definition: specific cove at Lakeside where some guy named Al lives

Pulse Mountain

definition: Carl Banks near the salad of Lakeside that receives a plethora of pulsational action

Barney Rubble

definition: coined phrase by Don Szmania/Chris Ress given to a stretch of the Milwaukee River known for it’s plethora of large pike and more importantly, monster smallmouth that love the rubble and ‘isolated boulding units’


definition: 1. a hatchery in New Jersey 2. a furry rodent

The Area of Lost Concentration

definition: part of the cast near the boat where an angler usually gives up and reels right in to cast again
example: ResS-UL: “Look at the size of that monstrous peek! Figure-eight!” Bass: “Are you crazy! Quick – get your lure out of the water!” Mop: “That was close.”

Back Section

definition: behind the island in the Harding pool of the Susquehanna, or the upper lily pad area of Thunder

Secret Spot

definition: an exact spot and cast that an angler is unwilling to share with others, including those in the boat

example: Bass: “Where exactly is that spot where you slay every time in the upper-section?”
Hawg (in the same boat) : “Don’t worry about it, it’s my secret spot.”
Bass: “Whatareyououtofit? I will only ever fish this lake if you are here!!!!”


definition: a private lake in Pennsylvania possessing sick habitat and state record size Large

Primary Pond

definition: the infamous stunted farm pond held dear to the Factoryville chapter, consisting of superb layout and structure, and hideous over-population of gillick and stunted, Girth Brooks 11 inch Large

Holding Tank

definition: Miniscule farm pond approximately 60 ft. by 40 ft., 200 feet from Primary Pond that can be seen by drivers from route 6/11, containing stacked 2-3 lb Large, citation crappie, and trophy gillick that have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Bass Evans implementing copper sulfate into The Holding Tank

Poopsie Also

definition: name change of Evans’ boat, the “Poopsie III,” by Lee Ress

Evans’ “office” in the Poopsie Also

Cecil Fielder

definition: Baker’s hard-working Toyota Camry; the location of many Heap Hunter fielding sessions as well as rants by Michael Savage

Vessel Fielder

definition: Baker’s stellar 16 foot professional heap slaying machine

5 lb haven and 7 lb haven

definition:  specific, self-explanatory spots at Pocahontas State Park, Va


definition: Pocahontas

Charlie’s Horse

definition: group of blowdowns off the main lake of Sandy River Reservoir where Bass Evans had a historic back to back heap slay, April 2007

Astoria Hole

definition: once thought of as a hole, now known as a creek channel bend adjoining an old roadbed; all in the know of this location have slayed heaps in Sandy River Reservoir

Astoria Blowdown

definition: sick spawning blowdown in lakeside, known to produce back to back heaps on buzz baits (Evans May 2009)