How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: Weather Conditions


definition: dismally precipitatious (calm)

definition: a lake under calm conditions

example 1: “Man it’s dot com out here!”

definition: dot hot

example 1: “It’s out!”

example 2: Moppa: “That chick was dot hot.” Evans: “What was she.”

Optimus Slime

Donald Shade

definition: shade

derivation: Donald Shade is the largemouth bass record holder in the state of Pennsylvania at 11 lbs, 3 ounces. This will be broken by the Heap Hunters. Out.


definition: condition


definition: the wind

Gustav Mahler

definition: same as Gustafson


definition: any excessive condition; ‘dumb deep’ or ‘stupid hot’

Dumb Dumping

definition: ridiculous amounts of rain

Peter Piper

definition: ridiculous amounts of wind

Uncle Fungor

definition: 1. when your raingear is left in a rod locker wet
and mad mold grows on it

2. when fruit in your cooler grows green hair

Mad Ass

definition: mad mold that grows on raingear and various equipment when they sit wet somewhere (like a compartment in the boat)

Dusty Rhodes

definition: anything dusty