How To Talk like a Heap Hunter!

Chapter: What We Do


definition: smooth short cast

Example:  “They’re just a butterflick away!”


definition: 1) dropoff 2) tactic The Heap Hunters stubbornly never use

Ray Noble

Bass Evans doing the Ray Noble work in the Rockaways following Hurricane Sandy

definition: noble work

Required (Proper)Work

definition: angler does the required work to slay Heaps

example: Baker “I don’t know man I’ve been doin’ the Lord’s work out here for Bruce!”

Evans “You do the work, just not the required work.”


definition: In search of Pelagia, (pelagic Heaps) angler O’bombs or trolls giant swimbaits for utter Bruce

example: Bass: “…and now it’s time for the night train for pelagia.”


definition: 1) “Liking” a Facebook fishing page 2) Gratuitous, unadulterated self-promotional “Like” requests by The Heap Hunters on Facebook, for Bruce


definition: to request

example: Baker “I’d like to requesterant giant topwater across the gauntlet of the island on your next mission.”


definition: 1) the Heap Hunter religion, specified by poundage based on recent serious Heap and the geographical growing season of Micropterus available to a given heapologist
example 1: Bass: “Luckily I remediated my pathetic Sixizm…it’s great to be back to Sevenizm.”
example 2: Baker: “Eightizm and then Eight is Enough…or is it….”
example 3: Bass: “Alfred Lord Tenizm.”

2) the habits and idiosyncrasies of Heaps

Example: Bass: “Dude that Heap is rotting the authority next to Quarry Feldman!” Baker: “That’s a typical heapizm.”


definition: working down a bank and skipping lures at every piece of cover like a maniac

Enroute Pulse

definition: similar to In-House Pulse, but while the motor is on, enroute to the next spot


definition: angler approaches the crispus cuspus of his personal best

Baker: “I’m sure! I’m cusping on my personal Jim Besten with this 7-9!”

The Male Work

definition: 1: all aspects of Heap Hunting 2: when a male makes it clear to a female that he is interested in them, rather then being the gay friend and/or activity partner

example: Evans: “I’m sure! Da-Nile it’s not only a river! That pickup line makes it obvious I’m interested in her!”
Baker: “You did The Male Work.”

Juice wagon (juice mobile, lump o’juice)

definition: when you piss your pants because your holding it so long from inability to stop doing the work and your diaper of underwear fills with juice, or the diaper of underwear themselves. example 1: “I have a lump o’ juice in my pants.” example 2: “My juice mobile is gunna explode.”


 definition: taking a piss, the actual piss, or the person taking a piss. example 1: “Hawg Rees has to juice.”
example 2: “He’s leaving a b-complex stream of juice behind the boat.”

team steam (steambath)

definition : when someone has to take a steamer (pulsation), in reference to that person, the action or the product that Online Pokies develops during the course of the action of steaming.   example:  “Daddy Baker is team steam somewhere on the bank over there.”


definition: the hooking and housing of a heap

example: HH1: “Good luck today. Sting em’.”


definition: total Bruce (derived from NEPA band “Dick Fawcett,” mid-90’s)

Walk the Plank

definition: refers to the hideous balance demonstrated by Bass Evans as he attempts to latch Baker’s boat


definition: when a Heap Hunter scores over 3 heaps in one day (see Baker 9/5/10, Evans 4/2/07 or 9/25/10)

Let the Chips Fall Where They May